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Reseller FAQ

Q1:What does it mean to be a reseller?

  • A:It means you will be reselling hosting services. You can resell under your own label if you like. You will be able to create and sell hosting packages you choose the price and the space your hosting packages will have.

    Q2:Will I be abel to use my own business name?

  • A: You can use your own domain name to sell hosting services. Customers will only see your domain.

    Q3:Will customers know that I am a reseller?

  • A:No. Because we will give you your own Domain name server (DNS). ns1yourname.com and ns2yourname.com You can host under your own identity.

    Q4:What kind of support is available?

  • A:We have support 24/7.

    Q5:Will I need anything else to resell this service?

  • A:We will give you the tools you need to resell this service. The control panel makes creating and selling packages simple.

    Q6:How many plans can I have on a reseller account?

  • A:You can create as many plans as you wish. Unlimited Domains, as per space allowance of your plans.

    Q7:What happens to my customers if I change accounts?

  • A:These are your customers. If you move accounts or open another reseller account you take the accounts with you.

    Q8:How long will my account take to set up?

  • A:Accounts are set up within 6-12 hours.

    Hosting FAQ

    Q9: Will I have full control over my domain names?
  • A: Yes you can change your passwords. Parking. Trf your domains. Change your name server if you like. You also have control of the domains you register here after with OfS Hosting domains.

    Q10:Will I have to pay anything else extra?
  • A: No once you pay. It's good for hosting services for the whole year so any deals or discounts that OFS Hosting aquires will be passed on to you.

    Q11:What type of support do we offer?
  • A:We offer 24/7 support through a help desk. It is one of the most efficient forms of getting support.

    Q12:What are my nameservers?

  • A:The nameservers for this site are ns1.OFS Hosting.com ns2.OFS Hosting.com

    Q13:How do I access my website before my dns is registered?

  • A: You would use your ip address followed by /~ and the username of your account. Eg.

    Q14: Will I have unlimited access to update my pages?

  • A:You have unlimited access via FTP 24-hours a day and you can upload your pages directly from your control panel.

    Q15:How do I set up pop mail?

  • A: From your control panel. Follow the instuctions for configuring Outlook. Then use yourdomain.com and your user name as your default address to send and receive your pop mail.

    Q16:Is there a user manual I can access for Cpanel?

  • A:You can access the Cpanel account manual at this site. Cpanel Manual

    Q17:How can I access my Control Panel?

  • A: You can access your Control Panel by using the link on the front page, or by using this quick link Control Panel.

    Q18: What is your Domain Name Server?

  • A:Our domain name servers are listed below. When you sign up you can register a domain name, use your own and point it to our dns, or request a free subdomain name. Below is our DNS information. Primary Name Server NS1.Ofshosting.com Secondary Name Server NS2.Ofshosting.com

    Q19:What Forms of Payment do we accept?

  • A:We accept all major credit cards and we also accept payments via paypal at [email protected]

    Q20: Is this a secure site?

  • A: Yes this is a secure site. You can verify a sites security by typing in https:// before the name of the website. You will see the security lock verification. We use GeoTrust to secure your information.

    Q21: What are my send mail paths?

  • A:Listed below are the paths that can be used, depending on which form mail you are sending. Form mail path: //cgi-sys/FormMail.cgi Sendmail Path: /usr/sbin/sendmail Perl Path: /usr/bin/perl

    Q22:Can I try your Control Panel before signing up?

  • A:You are free to try the Control Panel using this link. Your username is demoofs Your password is test

    Click for full Control Panel Demo

    Click for full Reseller Control Panel Demo

    Q23:How do I set up FTP access?

  • A:From your control panel. First set up a ftp access account with user name and a password. This is done through your FTP account Manager. Second step is to upload your files. We recommend CuteFTP. If you have a domain name set up and pointing to our nameservers upload using your domain name. If not upload using your ip address and password that you have set up. The files should be uploaded to your public folder. (Save all images to the images folder) Included in your uploaded pages should be an index.html page. This will allow you see your uploaded files and pictures.

    Upload your files to ftp.yourdomain.com /ftp user name/ ftp password

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